Esben And The Witch – Nowhere

So far post-rock trio Esben And The Witch has delighted us with an enchanting music vision that aims to spellbind you once again on the brand new full length “Nowhere”.

“A Desire for Light” opens the album with a darkened grandeur featuring shoegaze inspired atmospheric crescendos and loads of wistful melodic guitars that will morph into a fiercely distorted entity towards the end while a profound solace can be perceived through the maze of dreamy harmonies and ethereal vocals.

The immersive nature of “Dull Gret” is evident in the minimalist acoustic phrases and fascinating vocals that hold an essential role in the creation of multiple moody textures while guitars maintain a daydreaming melodic flow yet occasionally acquire harsher tonalities leading to darker fiery rhythmic patterns.

The mood becomes increasingly darker on “The Unspoiled” as bold guitars deliver doom oriented riffing ensuring heavier ominous dynamics while the graceful atmospheric accents and the alluring vocals still evoke hazy shoegaze vibes.

As the title suggests “Darkness (I Too Am Here)” feels like a stylish ode to darkness constantly embellished by cinematic arrangements that certainly add mystical vibes and melodic guitars can lead to enigmatic soundscapes with monochromatic seductive nuances as well as more energetic rhythmic segments fueled by a raw obscure force.

Esben And The Witch have the ability to create emotionally charged songs where darkness and uplifting nuances blend naturally and “Nowhere” is a bewitching and seductive sonic experience that you simply cannot miss.

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