Yatra – Death Ritual

Maryland-based doom trio Yatra is ready to begin a personal music journey with the debut full length “Death Ritual” composed in the solitude and darkness of the forest.

“Hour Of The Dragon” stands out immediately for the enigmatic atmospheres that set a suspenseful mood and soon the mighty weight of guitar riffs will lead the way to a hazy realm of stoner grooves and impending doom enhanced by gritty guitar soloing and obscure vocal delivery.  

“Black Moon” is drenched in darkness and holds a mysterious aura due to the slow dreary rhythm and the hypnotic guitar tonalities that will morph into a monolithic sludge entity with super heavy riffage and moody melodic accents.

On “Snakes In The Temple” grim distorted guitars and a funereal mood generate an overdose of doom laden passages and darkened melodies that follow a painfully slow tempo until the guitar solo channels some groovy sludge energy.

“Smoke Is Rising” can convey mystical vibes but can also be quite harsh with loads of sludge/doom guitar riffs marching steady with super fuzzy tonalities and reaching the hallucinogenic acme with the spacey distortions of the solo.

“Sailing On” instantly focuses on the hypnotizing quality and the numbing darkness of the heavy guitar riffs and again there is a prominent doom/sludge force that sponateneously leads to the song’s monumental grooves.

Undoubtedly undiluted darkness and heavy doom worship inspired the genesis of every song on “Death Ritual” which definitely marks an interesting beginning for Yatra’s career.


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