John Garcia – John Garcia And The Band Of Gold

You all know John Garcia as vocalist of legendary Kyuss and founder of desert rock institutions such as Unida, Slo-Burn, Hermano and Vista Chino, now with The Band Of Gold John is ready to deliver an explosive new album that definitely represents his music legacy.

From beginning to end John delivers a memorable vocal performance on “Jim’s Whiskers” which is literally full of those irresistible desert rock vibes as gritty guitar riffs and raw energy naturally lead to entertaining solos and plenty of stoner grooves that could go on forever.

The groovy galore continues relentlessly with “Kentucky II” and the guitar work inevitably  stands out for the dirty rock soul and the slow burning melodic phrases as we are still jamming in the middle of the desert accompanied by John’s unique vocals.

While “My Everything” certainly focuses on another remarkable series of guitar driven grooves fueled by a charismatic stoner rock approach and John’s passionate vocals often steal the spotlight there is also a hypnotizing melodic momentum featuring dreamy guitar tonalities.  

It’s so easy to love the vibrant desertfest groovy core of “Popcorn (Hit Me When You Can)” which is obviously packed with gritty guitars supported by an impeccable wild rhythmic section and extra energetic vocals.

Following the album’s natural dusty rock mood “Cheyletiella” offers an overdose of killer hooks courtesy of galloping guitar riffs and a major addictive chorus while later a soulful melodic breakdown will generate an intensely hypnotic mood emphasized by the trippy guitar soloing and the mellow vocals.

Everything slows down significantly on “Softer Side” which closes the album with an authentic psychedelic sonic trip that relies mainly on hazy tonalities, lovely warm melodic guitars and a laid back vocal delivery which will make you space out for good.

With this new incarnation the return of John Garcia feels like the fascinating desert rock journey we’ve been longing for, hopefully this is not a swansong and we will hear more music from John and The Band Of Gold in the future meanwhile you should play this record loud preferably on vinyl.

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