Morild – Så kom mørket…

For Danish atmospheric black metal quintet Morild the time has come to enter a world of cold darkness with the debut album “Så kom mørket…”.

“En sort sky af minder” is ready to showcase untamed brutality with intense guitar riffing and super fast drums that certainly are inspired by traditional ominous black metal but this track also holds an inner contemplative nature that feels like a pale distant light as guitars craft emotionally charged melancholic melodies.

“I afgørende stunder” evokes a mournful mood through monochromatic atmospheric nuances while an intense nostalgia will deeply influence the whole instrumentation as the band temporarily leaves behind the previous blackened fury to focus mainly on gelid melodic soundscapes.

“Frosset fast til mit indre” can sound utterly aggressive with the overwhelming blackened crescendo built by a fiery rhythmic section yet a melodic gloom will eventually take over with fragile guitar harmonies flowing through dreamy atmospheres and desperate feelings.

The composition of “At dø eller blive fri” definitely favors a cascadian black metal approach as guitar riffs gallop relentlessly within a murky atmospheric realm while later intriguing keyboards arrangements will spice up such frantic rhythm.  

With its primordial blackened force “Så kom mørket…” could not sound more enigmatic as Morild is still a young band but emerges from the darkest & coldest depths of metal with confidence and passion.


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