Ossuarium – Living Tomb

Portland’s death/doom outfit Ossuarium proudly welcome you to the asphyxiating sonic realm of  the debut full length “Living Tomb” that aims to make a monstrous impact in the underground metal scene with a truly nightmarish sonic assault.

An overwhelming darkness dominates “Blaze Of Bodies” as cavernous growls and belligerent guitar riffs lead the way to a doom laden ensemble that besides the aggressive rhythmic momentum features painfully slow and arcane instrumental patterns.

“Vomiting Black Death” holds a funereal mood starting with an absolute desolate doom formula as the slower tempo amplify the weight of the enigmatic guitar melodies and soloing yet the palpable death metal roots will generate some primal guitar driven grooves.

“Corrosive Hallucinations” can easily unleash pure fury with tight guitar riffs and fast drumming but often shifts to less hostile moments with a generous dosage of grave melodic guitar leads that emphasize the profound darkened doom influences following a slower dramatic rhythm.   

A primordial extreme metal force becomes immediately palpable on “End Of Life Dreams And Visions Pt 1” leading to ferocious rhythmic blasts accompanied by ferocious low growls while the guitar melodies still evoke sheer despair.

“End Of Life Dreams And Visions Pt 2” belongs to the darkest depths of metal as guitars seem to focus more on a doom worshipping galore with a rather intense melodic gloom and even fragile harmonies that aim to hypnotize the listeners but never really leave behind the brutal dynamics that characterize the entire album.

Ossuarium confidently begin their music journey following a familiar obscure pathway and you will immediately realize that the ominous creative force behind “Living Tomb” is definitely fueled by a perennial darkness.

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