Sâver – They Came With Sunlight

Featuring members of Norwegian doom outfits Tombstones and Hymn the new band Sâver describes the music style of the debut album “They Came With Sunlight” as “heavy, spaced-out darkness” so you should get ready for an intense sonic experience.

The beginning of “Distant Path” is already super trippy with thick bass lines that could go on forever but instead introduce a mysterious and often super heavy sludge ensemble characterized by monumental guitar driven grooves, desperate screams and painfully slower doom tinged moments.

“I, Vanish” combines cosmic energy and heavy sludge momentum as guitars concoct mighty riffs throughout the song supported by massive rhythmic blasts but also some shimmering harmonies that emphasize the substantial spacey mood.

There are only scattered melodic hints through “How They Envisioned Life” which stands out for the monolithic full blown doom dynamics as guitar riffs could not sound heavier constantly evoking funereal vibes and building ominous crushing grooves accompanied by tormented screams.

The ambitious album’s finale is the massive lengthy opus “Altered Light” where the whole instrumentation is surrounded by a perennial darkness that generates a suspenseful mood. Guitars can always deliver intense doom progressions following an anguished atmosphere but also provide the right dosage of melancholic melodies during the dramatically slower introspective moments.

With the release of “They Came With Sunlight” Sâver share with the world their dark music vision without any hesitation demonstrating a diverse songwriting approach and a strong desire to develop a unique style.  

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