Witchers Creed – Awakened From The Tomb

It’s a really exciting time for Swedish doom raiders Witchers Creed as they are ready to share their music with the world releasing the debut full length “Awakened From The Tomb”.

“Witchers Creed” immediately channels vintage vibes with an overload of classic doom guitar riffs that build up solid grooves characterized by a generous dosage of darkened tonalities and stoner rock elements plus the shredding guitar solo is definitely entertaining.

“Depths Of The Black Void” maintains a slower yet heavy rhythmic section that puts in the spotlight the moody bass lines accompanied by monumental guitar riffs and rocker style vocals that will embrace a catchy delivery in the chorus.  

With a bittersweet romanticism the rock ballad “Larissa” changes pace to focus on spellbinding guitar phrases and 70’s influenced melodies that ultimately amplify the retro rock vibes surrounding the rather emotional vocal delivery.

On “Monolith” Witchers Creed confidently follow a precise music vision where traditional heavy doom tonalities are fundamental generating intriguing and definitely monolithic grooves with compelling guitar leads and intense rhythmic patterns. This track also offers hypnotizing moments as at some point guitars spontaneously shift to a major spacey melodic jam that will naturally continue on the instrumental title track acquiring extra psychedelic vibes and delivering an overdose of gloomy melodies.

Witchers Creed step out of the grave seeking a niche in the heavy rock scene and listening to “Awakened From The Tomb” you will see that these young musicians crafted this album with absolute passion.

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