Periphery – Periphery IV: HAIL STAN

With their signature modern progressive metalcore style Periphery has undoubtedly conquered the music scene and they devoted an entire year to create the new self released album “Periphery IV: HAIL STAN” which is the product of absolute creative freedom as the band deliberately pushes boundaries to develop innovative songwriting elements.

In truth “Reptile” cannot be categorized as a standard album opener as it rather feels like a mini opus that stands out for the intriguing multilayered structure and style variations. Solemn orchestrations introduce a rather aggressive rhythmic approach featuring galloping sharp guitar riffs and tasteful prog dynamics surrounded by groovy electronic layers while the polished guitar phrases generate extensive melodic tapestries leading to contemplative moments with a mixture of luminous tonalities and dreamy atmospheres.

Since the beginning “Blood Eagle” showcases a borderline brutal rhythmic section featuring fast crushing drumming and ferocious riffage accompanied by vicious screams in contrast with the flamboyant prog elements of the guitar solo and the calmer melodic moments that evoke a darkened mood.

“Follow Your Ghost” unleashes monumental guitar riffs following harsh & precise rhythmic blasts and favoring the song’s gloomy themes yet the symphonic arrangements and the majestic choirs lead to a sumptuous melodic grandeur emphasized by the shimmering guitar solo.

Once again “Crush” showcases a versatile composition combining futuristic electronic beats with consequent dancy vibes and compelling guitar harmonies naturally enriched by the elegant orchestral arrangements that amplify the cinematic aspects especially in the lavish instrumental finale.

The lengthy final track “Satellites” marks another ambitious moment as the band skillfully continue to blend diverse styles crafting daydreaming atmospheric nuances and nostalgic crispy guitar tonalities that build up opulent melodic tapestries spiced up by scattered extra groovy and significantly heavier rhythmic patterns.  

Besides the expected impressive musicianship on “Periphery IV: HAIL STAN” the mesmerizing orchestrations and the addition of choirs truly make a difference adding cinematic depth to Periphery’s winning sonic formula plus all the intricate instrumental patterns will definitely satisfy the listeners.  

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