Monkey3 – Sphere

Swiss instrumental rockers Monkey3 embark on a new interstellar journey with the massive heavy psychedelic rock jams of the latest studio effort “Sphere”.

There are no boundaries on the lengthy album opener “Spirals” which is a truly trippy sonic experience that will take you far away as majestic spacey atmospheric arrangements introduce a groovy rhythmic ensemble that relies on the precise drumming and the excellent guitar work shifting from intense stoner rock riffs to delightful luminous melodic leads.

The astral trip continues with “Axis” offering exceptional and utterly eclectic guitar progressions with acidic rock tonalities and gorgeous crispy melodies that naturally create the perfect balance between the spacey contemplative moments and the heavier rhythmic dynamics.

“Mass” can sound like a soothing dream with tranquil atmospheric nuances and melancholic harmonies or a wild hallucinogenic experience due to the monumental guitar riffs plus this track features a tremendous shredding galore courtesy of renowned guitarist Bumblefoot.

“Ellipsis” is a striking mini opus that could belong to an unknown parallel universe and has the ability to channel cathartic feelings through the elaborate cosmic atmospheric layers that surround impeccable guitar progressions & groovy riffage spiced up by loads of psychedelic accents and embellished by intriguing abstract melodic passages that lead to a dense instrumental crescendo in the song’s glorious finale.

Undoubtedly “Sphere” has the necessary hypnotic power to make you instantly space out and also features fascinating cinematic soundscapes and memorable melodic tapestries meticulously composed by Monkey3 with outstanding musicianship throughout the whole album.  

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