Silver Snakes – Death And The Moon

As Los Angeles-based quartet Silver Snakes continues to evolve in order to develop a solid music identity that will impress the audience the new full length “Death And The Moon” offers a catchy blend of dark rock nuances and dancey electro/industrial beats.

“Smokedance” relies on multilayered danceable grooves that will evolve into an alt rock ensemble when guitars add some crunchy riffs and vocals focus on an easy chorus.

On “Worship” the relentless electro beats evoke darker nuances with a subterranean mood and an evident harsh industrial flair that would still work on the dance floor and benefits also from the slightly tormented filtered vocals.

“Wool” delivers a groovy mixture of contrasting gritty industrial elements courtesy of edgy electro arrangements and a melodic rock rampage as guitars and vocals work harmoniously to provide a generous dosage of catchy vibes.

On “Eclipse” you can immediately perceive a huge Nine Inch Nails influence and the experimental accents of the atmospheric layers successfully add a dramatic depth that demands a moody vocal delivery and loads of gloomy guitar tonalities.

On “Black Fire” there are some major groovy guitar riffs leading to cool acidic industrial dynamics but there is also an essential melodic core generated by dreamy almost romantic atmospheric arrangements and soft vocals.

“Gone Is Gone” focuses a lot on the electronic direction of the band with blurry atmospheres and modern electro layers that certainly create a quite somber soundscape while guitars amplify the industrial motifs with fierce stomping riffage.

The creative pathway behind “Death And The Moon” leads to a radio friendly rock attitude yet Silver Snakes also seem to feel comfortable within a darker, and definitely more interesting, sonic realm clearly inspired by familiar industrial dynamics.

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