Salem’s Bend – Supercluster

LA-based rock trio Salem’s Bend proves to know how to put together a delicious psychedelic stoner rock ensemble on the sophomore album “Supercluster” which from beginning to end will impress you with its bewitching rock spirit.

You could never resist the cosmic energy of “Spaceduster” which will take you on a wild ride with tons of grooves featuring the right dosage of gritty stoner doom guitar riffs accompanied by seasoned rocker style vocals but there is also plenty of space to jam freely and add magical melodic accents.

“Ride The Night” pays homage to ’70s classic rock with genuine devotion and guitars acquire all those captivating retro vibes accompanied by a dense rhythmic backbone to create no frills grooves and to channel a contagious raw energy.

On “Heavenly Manna” there are some slower extremely trippy moments that make you instantly space out as guitars have a hypnotic sound that truly enhances the vintage rock vibes but the heavier rhythmic sections also feel quite memorable as guitars push on the fuzz pedal and powerful drums keep the grooves rolling.

The mood of “Thinking Evil” becomes darker and a bit mystical as an atmospheric choir introduces a series of slow burning grooves offering another overdose of catchy fuzzy guitar riffs and spacey melodies flourishing around warm laid back vocals and generating a proper hazy stoner rock mood.

“Infinite Horizon” has some fascinating occult rock vibes with mysterious slow moments but certainly gives you another chance to space out guiding you through enticing blurry melodic waves and exciting heavier rhythmic crescendos embellished by the dreamy harmonies of the guitar solo.

It sounds like Salem’s Bend are performing in the middle of the desert consequently there are many reasons why you should join them and “Supercluster” will be easily remembered for the authentic charismatic psychedelic tinged rock approach.

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