TheNightTimeProject – Pale Season

Fredrik and Mattias Norrman are really prolific musicians, after spending fifteen years in Katatonia they are currently active in October Tide, and this time their unstoppable creative force is embodied by the band TheNightTimeProject, also featuring guitarist/vocalist Alexander Backlund and drummer Jonas Sköld of Letters From The Colony, and the brand new album “Pale Season” aims to conquer your heart with an exquisite melancholic progressive rock ensemble.

Since the beginning of “Hound” you will notice how the melancholic themes are a crucial component of the whole album as gorgeous fragile guitar melodies and understated atmospheric layers create an enchanting sonic realm emphasized by the poignant soft vocals.

“Rotting Eden” maintains a profound melancholia through enticing melodic waves accompanied by a comforting heartfelt vocal delivery but picks up a vibrant energy fully expressed by the catchy guitar riffs and the occasional tormented growls.

“Final Light” features so many fascinating melodies and compelling darkened tonalities skillfully crafted by guitars and vocals following a contemplative mood that often demands a mellow tempo yet acquires extra charisma with some heavier rhythmic progressions.

The title track continues to spellbind the listeners with the sorrowful nature of the lavish melodies emphasized by another moving vocal performance and in general the shimmering guitar work naturally conveys the Scandinavian dark melancholy that we all love.

For “Signals In The Sky” the band wisely chooses Heike Langhans of Draconian as guest vocalist and her mesmerizing voice perfectly expresses profound emotions flowing gently through the gloomy doom tinged melodic phrases which here feel particularly heartbreaking surrounded by darkly elegant atmospheric arrangements.

As expected the experience and the songwriting skills of TheNightTimeProject are evident throughout “Pale Season” which also easily stands out for the cathartic emotions always generated by the ravishing melodic tapestries.

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