Imperium Dekadenz – When We Are Forgotten

Coming from the depths of the Black Forest of Germany Imperium Dekadenz begin a new sonic journey through dust and shadows on the new offering “When We Are Forgotten”. 

Under a shroud of frost the title track efficiently channels wintry feelings through an abundant dosage of dismal guitar melodies and distant tormented screams while the rich atmospheric approach is definitely an essential element that will inevitably captivate the listeners. 

“Bis Ich Bin” still offers many soulful and borderline depressing melodic moments but the bold ominous rhythmic patterns bearing the mark of traditional black metal become more dominant leading to an extremely dark sonic assault. 

The melancholic depth of “My Solace I (Choirs of Solitude)” is overwhelming as all the guitar melodies successfully evoke a multitude of genuine feelings surrounded by a mixture of bleak atmospheres and dramatic vocals. 

“Abszenz Elysium” offers monumental segments of pure blackened fury through intense cascading guitar riffs and precise drumming that lead to a sense of utter desperation balanced by the lingering solemn tonalities of the atmospheric arrangements. 

“My Solace II (Paths of Perception)” focuses more on gloomy melodic crescendos as vocals acquire sorrowful vibes and guitars channel the darkest tonalities to express a sheer nostalgia that remains the main sentiment throughout the song. 

As the title suggests “Frozen In Time” is filled with gelid tonalities especially palpable within the extra gloomy melodic realm naturally crafted by darkly melancholic guitars which acquire a compelling introspective depth during the slower moments yet can sound absolutely anguished when the rhythm becomes more aggressive. 

The dense melodic textures of “Owl of the Black Forest” once again ensure the creation of a cathartic and extremely melancholic sonic realm so the tempo is a bit slower to emphasize the lush guitar work, the mournful atmosphere and the consequent cosmic gloom. 

Listening attentively to “When We Are Forgotten” you can always perceive an immense desolation and a grand disillusion as Imperium Dekadenz confidently craft melodic waves around sparks of major blackened anger.  

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