Cloak – The Burning Dawn

This is an exciting time for American quartet Cloak as they are ready to unleash the sophomore full length “The Burning Dawn” which promises to solidify the band’s status with an enthralling darkened essence. 

“The Cleansing Fire” immediately builds a fiery heavy momentum with an overdose of blackened rock grooves ideal for a cool live performance while the melodic guitar leads naturally evoke a sheer melancholia in proper gothic fashion. 

“A Voice In The Night” conveys irresistible eerie vibes through the slower dramatic passages and the bewitching dark tonalities of the guitar work which effortlessly shifts from decadent melodic textures to sharp riffage accompanied by the aptly sinister vocal delivery. 

“Lifeless Silence” certainly emphasizes the melodic grandeur and the gothic allure with understated atmospheric accents and guitars also acquire extremely melancholic nuances without sacrificing the heavier groovy elements. 

The instrumental track “The Fire, The Faith, The Void” depicts an eternal gloom allowing the melodic guitar leads to stand out providing poetic phrases and gelid tonalities that amplify the compelling gothic flair. 

“On Poisoned Ground” relies on a wild black ‘n’ roll spirit consequently the groovy guitar riffs and the bold rhythmic section can showcase an aggressive approach yet there will always be plenty of melodic leads channeling profoundly somber emotions. 

Despite being still a new name in the metal scene Cloak are already shaping their own sonic identity fueled by undiluted darkness and youthful energy in fact “The Burning Dawn” is destined to conquer your cold black hearts with a charismatic blend of haunting melodies and groovy dynamics. 


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