Insomnium – Heart Like A Grave

There has been a major buzz around the long awaited new record “Heart Like A Grave” and Finnish melodic death metal purveyors Insomnium continue to evoke the irresistible melancholy that garnered so much attention on their previous releases.

Staying true to Insomnium’s signature style the beginning of “Valediction” is characterized by sharp guitar driven grooves with a prominent death metal spirit that will later embrace gloomy atmospheric arrangements and spellbinding darkened melodies carefully crafted by the refined guitar work. 

“Neverlast” perfectly balances moments of untamed aggression featuring fast rhythmic patterns accompanied by fiery growls and elegant melodic phrases enhanced by the wistful guitar tonalities that will actually stand out for the extremely passionate delivery. 

“Pale Morning Star” offers sumptuous melodic tapestries and an intricate approach starting with fragile acoustic guitars that open the portal to a dreamy sonic realm where melancholia deeply influences the harmonious instrumental crescendos yet you will find a fair dosage of rage through the bold guitar riffage and the monumental growls. 

On “Mute Is My Sorrow” vocals can acquire a solemn theatrical delivery and a profound melancholy lingers throughout the song generating compelling heartfelt melodies and delicate atmospheric layers in contrast with the triumphant rhythmic blasts that always reminisce of the band’s primal death metal roots. 

The title track shines for the opulent atmospheric grandeur and the consequent dramatic depth as the emotional essence of the bittersweet guitar melodies and the whispered vocals can easily move the listeners but there is also a palpable epic flair fully expressed by the majestic choirs and the powerful rhythmic section. 

The fascinating instrumental track “Karelia” marks a majestic album finale and sounds like an ideal wintry soundtrack as magnificent keyboards arrangements create glowing kaleidoscopic soundscapes naturally entwined with the somber beauty of the guitar work expressing cathartic feelings and unparalleled nostalgia. 

With the remarkable songwriting skills and the essential Nordic melancholy “Heart Like A Grave” proves that Insomnium are really becoming undisputed masters of melodic death metal destined to conquer even more fans worldwide.

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