Misery Index – Complete Control

Baltimore death metal band Misery Index explores the chaotic modern age through the unrestrained guitar driven grooves of the seventh full-length “Complete Control”.
It all begins with the somber contemplative arpeggios of “Administer The Dagger” that will gradually unfold a vitriolic rhythmic ensemble channeling the primal essence of death metal through the angered growls and the breakneck speed.
The title track easily demonstrates the band’s massive groovy approach with an overdose of sharp guitar riffs that will reach the acme with the refined darkened nuances of the charismatic solo.
“Rites Of Cruelty” relies on the feverish savage guitar riffs and the frantic drumming to create oppressive rhythmic patterns yet the solemn atmospheric tapestries add diversity and support the fierce vocal delivery.
Within the pitchblack sonic realm of “Conspiracy Of None” the slower passages and the compelling melodic accents emphasize the expression of grim feelings but the faster precise drums will ultimately unleash sheer fury.
“Reciprocal Repulsion” puts the spotlight on the grinding death metal formula of the merciless rhythmic section skillfully enriched by the sophisticated melodic licks and the shredding galore of the extensive guitar solos.
With a two decades career Misery Index continue to manifest a harsh sonic vision through hostile dynamics and critical lyrics that today spontaneously generate the twisted soundscapes of the new album “Complete Control”.

Borknagar Live at Reggies in Chicago

Legendary Norwegian black metal innovators Borknagar are finally back in North America on the extensive “Devastation On The Nation” tour. The loyal fanbase warmly welcomed Borknagar at the memorable sold out show at Reggies in Chicago as they delivered a stellar live performance shifting from harsh rhythmic dynamics to a contemplative melodic essence through a great setlist that included “The Fire That Burns”, “Wild Father’s Heart” and “Voices” from the latest acclaimed release “True North” and the iconic track “Winter Thrice” that marked a truly epic finale.

Slægt – Goddess

Danish black/heavy metallers Slægt are ready to impress the metal scene with a distinct obscure sonic vision that today generates the twisted soundscapes of the new full-length “Goddess”.
The ominous atmosphere of “Deceived by an Amethyst” introduces an intense groovy blackened rhythmic rampage constantly fueled by the soaring guitar riffs while the wildly charismatic solos clearly showcase a timeless heavy metal flair.
Within the pitchblack dimension of “Hunt Again” the darkened guitar sound leads the way to a cryptic rhythmic maze shifting from faster & ferocious blasts, easily amplified by the venomous growls, to the dazzling classic metal style of the extensive solos.
“Fealty, Thunder Whip” begins with bleak atmospheric textures but as soon as the edgy guitar work takes over the rhythmic patterns become quasi chaotic due to the subtle discordant elements in contrast with the hypnotizing melodic accents of the slower passages.
The title track manifests a fascinating esoteric essence with an intriguing blend of retro rock vibes and arcane atmospheric nuances leading to slower dramatic moments and the excellent guitar work has a chance to shift the focus to an epic melodic grandeur.
Throughout “Goddess” Slægt continue to channel a primal blackened force but can easily surprise the audience with a remarkable experimental approach that combines a wide range of musical influences.

Dark Funeral – We Are The Apocalypse

Swedish black metal titans Dark Funeral make a triumphant comeback embracing an intricate songwriting style to create the ideal soundtrack for the end of the world on the highly anticipated seventh full-length “We Are The Apocalypse”.
You simply cannot escape the immense fury of “Nigthfall” as the inflamed rhythmic section immediately unleashes a tight series of blackened grooves fueled by the raw energy of the relentless guitar riffs and the venomous growls nevertheless you will find a fair dosage of tasteful melodic accents.
On “Let The Devil In” the ritualistic vibes of the monolithic drums lead the way to an ominous realm where the scorching guitar riffs generate insanely groovy dynamics without the need for extra speed in fact the sorrowful progressions are destined to instantly captivate the listeners.
Drenched in darkness “Nosferatu” relies on a majestic blackened force to consistently deliver an untamed rhythmic rampage while the slower sophisticated guitar phrases and the sinister narratives amplify the cryptic mood.
The composition of “When I’m Gone” shifts to a decadent atmospheric ensemble enriched by the refined guitar melodies expressing sheer melancholia yet you can still find visceral rhythmic patterns easily enhanced by the ruthless growls.
As the drums acquire massive speed “Beyond The Grave” delivers a malevolent rhythmic assault and the robust guitar riffs simply seem to emerge from the darkest depths of black metal while during the breakdown the melodic textures reveal mournful feelings.
Everything is impossibly obscure on the title track as the menacing combo of unrestrained drum blasts and sharp riffage can leave you breathless and shattered once again putting the spotlight on the glorious guitar work.
Dark Funeral diligently continue to craft memorable black metal anthems staying true to their influential legacy but also increasing diversity throughout the frostbitten soundscapes of “We Are The Apocalypse”.

Voivod – Synchro Anarchy

Canadian progressive sci-fi metal veterans Voivod reach a significant milestone with the release of the 15th studio album “Synchro Anarchy” taking you on a spacey trip through a visionary sonic realm.
On “Paranormalium” the discordant guitar riffs and the intricate leads seem to belong to an alternate universe but as the precise rhythmic section gains groovy vibes and speed you can perceive a familiar thrash essence.
The title track can surprise you with loads of twisted rhythmic dynamics fueled by the mighty guitar riffs and the prog drumming style yet there is an inner eerie melodic flair that can generate a catchy momentum.
Offering soothing arpeggios “Mind Clock” acquires a darker aura but there will be drastic tempo variations as the gritty guitar riffs eventually lead to a faster & frantic rhythm that can make you feel dizzy.
“Holographic Thinking” begins with unstoppable heavy riffage characterized by an old school approach yet the guitar work can also deliver complex progressions and a tasteful solo which showcase stronger prog metal influences.
“Quest For Nothing” provides a fair dosage of robust thrash grooves highlighting the heavier tight rhythmic section and the consequent raw energy is further amplified by the angered vocal delivery while the slower finale holds a hypnotic melodic flair. .
Voivod clearly demonstrate that after 40 years of existence they still have a lot to say and their unique music style today spontaneously leads to the eclectic & surreal world of “Synchro Anarchy”.

Dark Tranquillity Live at Metro in Chicago

Finally Swedish melodic death metal icons Dark Tranquillity are back in North America on a massive tour with Kataklysm and Nailed To Obscurity proving that live music is back in full force. During a memorable show at the Metro in Chicago, Dark Tranquillity performed a diverse setlist including the evocative classic “Therein”, “Phantom Days”, “Transient” and “Identical To None” from the latest acclaimed release “Moment” and paid an emotional tribute to former guitarist Fredrik Johansson with the unforgettable track “Punish My Heaven”.

Mass Worship – Portal Tombs

Swedish darkened metal outfit Mass Worship drags you through the bitterly cold soundscapes of the crushing sophomore record “Portal Tombs”.
“Specular Void” certainly follows an obscure sonic pathway as the harsh guitar riffs and the cryptic leads march fiercely through a mystifying atmosphere unleashing loads of oppressive rhythmic dynamics.
Featuring vicious guest vocals from legendary Mark “Barney” Greenway of Napalm Death the title track sounds particularly aggressive as the merciless rhythmic section acquires speed and ominous tones reaching the acme with a wild guitar solo.
“Orcus Mouth” conjures a massive darkened force to generate chaotic rhythmic blasts yet there is space for mournful guitar melodies and cathartic soloing ultimately leading to a melancholic atmospheric finale enriched by eloquent clean vocals courtesy of Jonas Renkse of Katatonia.
Throughout “Empyrean Halls” the ruthless rhythmic segments are naturally amplified by tormented growls but the fragile arpeggios evoke an apparent peacefulness and the atmosphere becomes murky as the guitar leads fully embrace arcane tonalities.
Drenched in undiluted darkness “Deliverance” marks a harrowing grand finale focusing on ghastly doom influences as the excellent lead guitar work crafts refined crestfallen melodic progressions within a gloomy rhythmic maze.
Keeping in mind a familiar Scandinavian extreme metal formula without sacrificing a grim melodic essence, Mass Worship successfully convey fury & desolation throughout “Portal Tombs”.

Venom Prison – Erebos

Uk death metallers Venom Prison continue to evolve a visceral sonic vision that today leads to the new untamed full-length “Erebos” destined to solidify their status in the underground metal scene.
“Judges Of The Underworld” spontaneously unleashes uncompromising rhythmic blasts highlighting the precise drumming and the blistering guitar riffs that will ultimately lead to charismatic solos characterized by refined melodic accents.
“Nemesis” provides the perfect dosage of aggression as the vitriolic riffage dictates an intense groovy momentum around Larissa Stupar’s insane growls yet when the tempo slows down a bit guitars can acquire brighter tonalities and dazzling proggy vibes.
You can perceive an emotional whirlwind through “Pain Of Oizys” as the focus often shifts to poignant melodic aesthetics emphasizing the hypnotizing intricate guitar work and the wistful clean vocal harmonies in contrast with the scattered savage rhythmic patterns.
Surrounded by dystopian atmospheric arrangements “Golden Apples Of The Hesperides” conveys sheer fury through the hostile screams and the breakneck speed diligently fueled by the unrestrained guitar riffs and the frantic leads.
Undoubtedly there is a strong death metal force behind the vicious composition of “Gorgon Sisters” as the relentless drumming proudly leads the way to a chaotic sonic realm where guitars can engage in fiery convoluted progressions embellished by the futuristic tones of the surreal atmospheric layers.
Through the twisted harsh rhythmic maze of “Technologies Of Death” guitars have the ability to create venomous riffs and enticing melancholic melodic phrases showcasing versatility and expressing grave emotions further enhanced by the gloomy atmospheric finale.
Without any hesitation Venom Prison deliver an overdose of incendiary grooves throughout “Erebos” yet they are able to diverge from standard extreme metal territories channeling an alluring poetic essence.

Wilderun – Epigone

Progressive metal band Wilderun bravely defies standard musical categories on the new ambitious opus “Epigone” constantly surprising the audience with an eclectic songwriting style.
“Woolgatherer” embodies an adventurous spirit through a remarkable blend of diverse influences beginning with a subtle cinematic atmosphere accompanied by soulful whispered vocals that introduce a melodic wonderland featuring glowing guitar progressions and fragile acoustic passages evoking delightful folkish vibes yet a darker mood will emerge within the faster harsh rhythmic ensemble.
“Passenger” is characterized by a strong prog metal inspiration leading to a convoluted rhythmic maze fueled by a striking mix of crunchy riffage and luminous melodic guitar leads enriched by epic orchestrations and solemn choirs while the fiery growls and the untamed drumming can certainly channel a primal extreme metal force.
“Identifier” conveys immense melancholia with the recurring gentle arpeggios and the resulting cathartic melodic essence continues to linger through the refined guitar phrases yet the precise rhythmic section will create dazzling prog dynamics and significantly heavier & enigmatic segments highlighting the versatile guitar work.
“Distraction II” emphasizes an elaborate prog approach as guitars rightfully take the center stage delivering colossal riffs embellished by the grand operatic flair of the symphonic arrangements & choirs ultimately leading to a rather chaotic darker finale.
The opulent dreamy atmospheric arrangements of “Distraction III” take you far away from the dreadful reality and the charismatic guitar work crafts a series of alluring melodies while a heartfelt minimalist acoustic piece brings closure.
Shifting from surreal soundscapes to twisted rhythmic patterns, “Epigone” is destined to impress all music connoisseurs as Wilderun showcases excellent musicianship embracing an ideal escapism.