Pencey Sloe – Don’t Believe, Watch Out

The time has come for emerging French band Pencey Sloe to unveil the rich dreamgaze tapestries of the debut album “Don’t Believe, Watch Out” which is destined to make you space out since the very first listening. 

Listening to “Lust Of The Dead” you will immediately start to daydream as the soothing guitar harmonies evoke absolute tranquility but also a darkened emotional palette further emphasized by the exquisite melancholic vocal delivery and the hazy rhythmic crescendo. 

On “Buried Them All” we’re still dreaming the same dream as vocals feel like a lullaby while the slow burning guitars craft immersive melodic progressions and darkly comforting rhythmic segments. 

“All Ok” focuses on contemplative atmospheric waves that take you far away and the mellow guitar tonalities hold a distinct shoegaze essence leading to an overwhelming nostalgia while the catchy chorus naturally channels uplifting vibes. 

The title track is filled with blossoming guitar melodies that flow gently like a distant fond memory and the rhythmic section actively contributes to the creation of gently darkened nuances lingering through the subtle atmospheric ensemble. 

“Sins” can sound even darker with electrifying guitar tonalities yet the main calm melodic soul always prevails through the immense melancholy infused melodies and the enchanting vocal performance. 

A dense almost enigmatic atmosphere surrounds “Empty Mind” which constantly expresses an intense wistfulness through the fragile beauty of the graceful vocals accompanied by spacey guitar driven grooves. 

The future of Pencey Sloe already looks bright because the moody ethereal soundscapes  flourishing throughout “Don’t Believe, Watch Out” are destined to conquer your heart. 

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