Devilskin Interview with Paul Martin

New Zealand quartet Devilskin is getting ready to release the new album “RED” on April 3rd and we had the pleasure to chat with bassist & founding member Paul Martin!

The Offering: Your fourth album “Red” will be released in April, what can you tell us about the songwriting and concept behind this upcoming release?

Paul Martin: We don’t seem to have much problem coming up with ideas, we still have songs we play that didn’t make the cut for our first two albums and we demoed around 30 tracks for RED. It came down to choosing the best and most relevant songs. We really want to make a statement with this album and give the listener an immersive experience.

TO: Did you have a specific music vision when you started working on this album?

PM: Yes we did, and once we started the recording process and each song took on a life of its own the whole vision/theme became that much more focused and important.

TO: You released “Corrode” as the first single, what made you choose this song to represent the album?

PM: “Corrode” is a powerful song with an undeniable hook. It’s staunch and its proud. We didn’t earmark it for a single at first because we thought it would be too heavy but it really stood up for attention once we had recorded it. It’s a powerful message about being overcome by daily life and feeling the depression sinking it but the song is saying it’s okay to ask for help.

TO: For you how important is to deliver a particular message through the lyrics?

PM: I think lyrics are crucial, when your soul is bared is when you are most honest. I think people strive to find honesty these days. It’s the direct language your listener understands, framed with your emotions and presented with heartfelt music it’s hard to ignore.

TO: Thinking about when Devilskin formed back in 2010, what inspired you to start a music career?

PM: We were all playing in different bands (except Nic who was still at school) and we were all big fans of each other’s work. We had no intention of making a career out of the band when we first jammed. It was a real ‘no expectations / no promises’ jam but we ended up writing a couple of our biggest songs that night and we decided to keep it going, started touring and things grew pretty organically. We never had a grand scheme to take over the world or anything, we just loved each other’s talents and wanted to collaborate and write songs together.

TO: As the music industry keeps on changing do you think social media truly helps bands to reach a wider audience?

PM: Most definitely! Social media has such an important role in today’s music. Being able to reach so many people so quickly and the whole phenomenon that is virality is a real game changer. Music could not continue on such a big level without social media.

TO: You performed live at many awesome festivals and with many successful bands such as Halestorm, what’s your favorite live experience so far?

PM: We have had so many! Touring Europe with Halestorm was amazing. EVERY show was spectacular and such lovely people. Download UK 2017 was insane, we had a huge crowd that just went nuts! Download in Australia was fantastic as well., The Whiskey-A-Go-Go! Too hard to pick one however playing in front of 11,000 people supporting Disturbed the day OUR album debut at Number 1 on the NZ charts has to be a highlight that was such a buzz, we have been very lucky to play some brilliant shows.

TO: In April you will start a UK & Europe tour, what can fans expect from your live shows?

PM: Big guitars, Jennies insane voice! We love to watch jaws drop when she slips from sweet melodic singing to bone crushing death metal growls. We always bring lots of energy and always strive to make the shows as interactive as possible.

TO: Being based in New Zealand would you say it can be challenging to tour in other countries?

PM: Yes, our geographical situation means we have to travel a LONG way to get anywhere. That’s why we are determined to make the most of every opportunity!”

TO: Do you have other touring plans this year? 

PM: Still working on those but we will let you know that we really want to get to the US this year!

TO: What are your expectations for the future of the band?

PM: Keep touring, keep writing, keep recording and keep having fun! Pretty simple 😊

TO: Good luck with everything and thank you for the interview!

PM: Thanks so much for the support, hopefully we will see you in your town soon!

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