Mass Worship – Portal Tombs

Swedish darkened metal outfit Mass Worship drags you through the bitterly cold soundscapes of the crushing sophomore record “Portal Tombs”.
“Specular Void” certainly follows an obscure sonic pathway as the harsh guitar riffs and the cryptic leads march fiercely through a mystifying atmosphere unleashing loads of oppressive rhythmic dynamics.
Featuring vicious guest vocals from legendary Mark “Barney” Greenway of Napalm Death the title track sounds particularly aggressive as the merciless rhythmic section acquires speed and ominous tones reaching the acme with a wild guitar solo.
“Orcus Mouth” conjures a massive darkened force to generate chaotic rhythmic blasts yet there is space for mournful guitar melodies and cathartic soloing ultimately leading to a melancholic atmospheric finale enriched by eloquent clean vocals courtesy of Jonas Renkse of Katatonia.
Throughout “Empyrean Halls” the ruthless rhythmic segments are naturally amplified by tormented growls but the fragile arpeggios evoke an apparent peacefulness and the atmosphere becomes murky as the guitar leads fully embrace arcane tonalities.
Drenched in undiluted darkness “Deliverance” marks a harrowing grand finale focusing on ghastly doom influences as the excellent lead guitar work crafts refined crestfallen melodic progressions within a gloomy rhythmic maze.
Keeping in mind a familiar Scandinavian extreme metal formula without sacrificing a grim melodic essence, Mass Worship successfully convey fury & desolation throughout “Portal Tombs”.

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