Arð – Take Up My Bones

Founded by multi-instrumentalist Mark Deeks, known for his work with black metal stalwarts Winterfylleth, the new monastic doom metal project Arð manifests an epic sonic vision on the debut release “Take Up My Bones” conceptually inspired by the legendary relics of the famous Northumbrian saint Cuthbert and their long journey.
“Burden Foretold” combines solemn chanting and the heavy weight of traditional doom metal while the slower passages can instantly captivate the listeners with the stark beauty of enchanting cello melodies within a brooding atmospheric ensemble.
Following a slow mournful tempo the title track creates an enigmatic mood with theatrical chants and lugubrious guitar tonalities that naturally lead to crestfallen melodic crescendos embellished by the delicate piano.
Surrounded by an arcane atmosphere “Raise then the Incorrupt Body” unfolds a fragile melodic essence through compelling acoustic phrases, graceful keyboards arrangements and a soft vocal delivery enriched by the immense nostalgia of the guitar leads and the cello.
On “Only Three Shall Know ” evocative monastic chants introduce a majestic darkened sonic realm where a meticulous mixture of sublime classical accents and funereal doom laden guitar riffs create a striking dramatic depth.
Throughout “Take Up My Bones” Arð embrace a detailed composition to tell intriguing stories and myths of their native land blending a harrowing doom metal force and alluring melodic tapestries.

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