Christian Death – Evil Becomes Rule

Gothic death rock pioneers Christian Death embark on a gloomy sonic journey exploring intellectual themes and diverse music styles throughout the new full-length “Evil Becomes Rule”.
Within the dramatic atmospheric ensemble of “The Alpha And The Omega” Valor Kand’s voice becomes your spiritual guide while guitars often acquire a raw energy to create groovy rhythmic patterns.
“New Messiah” relies on the contrasting textures of the gritty guitar riffs and the vibrant acoustic phrases while Maitri’s vocals easily enhance the darkened catchy vibes.
A fascinating gothic flair lingers through the moody melodic waves and the monochromatic bass lines of “Blood Moon” reaching the acme with the seductive vocal harmonies of the addictive chorus.
“Beautiful” puts the spotlight on Maitri’s bewitching vocals flowing through a darkly gripping blend of graceful atmospheric tapestries and dazzling melodic crescendos.
“Rise And Shine” showcases a sinister vision through the irresistible faster & heavier rhythmic segments enriched by the charismatic vocal interplay and the melancholic atmospheric arrangements.
“Who Am I (part 1)” stands out for the hypnotizing combo of elegant violins and warm arpeggios yet the rhythmic section can acquire an obscure essence ultimately leading to a delightful melodic guitar solo.
Christian Death inevitably lure you through a realm of darkness and poetry as “Evil Becomes Rule” grabs your attention with sultry melodic aesthetics and a timeless goth essence.

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