Black Anvil – Regenesis

Hailing from New York City purveyors of USBM Black Anvil fully showcase a malevolent blackened vision on the fifth full-length “Regenesis”.
“In Two” hits you in the face with the obscure power of the fiery riffage and the crushing drums but an inner mournful melodic essence tends to emerge through the gelid lead guitar work.
Within the enigmatic atmosphere of “8-bit Terror” guitars have a chance to focus on profoundly sorrowful tonalities besides the expected violent riffs easily enhanced by the visceral growls.
“Silver & Steele” follows a slower lugubrious tempo allowing guitars to carefully craft hypnotizing phrases and a charismatic solo emphasizing a gripping melodic gloom.
“NYC Nightmares” also favors a melodic approach through the coldest crestfallen guitar tones yet the monumental rhythmic section acquires extra speed to build thrilling blackened grooves.
“Grant Us His Love” doesn’t waste any time as the relentless guitar riffs spontaneously generate a solid series of menacing rhythmic patterns later enriched by epic vocals and solemn keyboards arrangements.
The title track proudly unleashes venomous rhythmic blasts accompanied by vengeful growls while the guitar leads can easily provide a fair dosage of haunting melodic accents.
While drawing inspiration from the darkest depths of traditional black metal Black Anvil focus inward with their songwriting to develop a distinctive style that today thrives through the sinister soundscapes of “Regenesis”.

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