Hypno5e – Sheol

French avant-garde metal outfit Hypno5e reaches another milestone with the ambitious new album “Sheol” demonstrating a striking creative force that ultimately generates a series of fascinating cinematographic soundscapes.
Listening to “Sheol – Part II – Lands of Haze” you can perceive a multitude of contrasting emotions as the band skillfully shifts from a heavily distorted rhythmic momentum fueled by dissonant guitar tones to ethereal arpeggios evoking pure tranquility.
“Bone Dust” could take you to a distant parallel dimension where bittersweet melodic guitar phrases and wistful vocals flow gently through a hazy atmosphere while the impeccable rhythmic section gradually builds density through the savage riffage and the extra speed.
“The Dreamer and his Dream” fully manifests the band’s visionary approach as the haunting string section creates a mystifying atmospheric realm where guitars can freely put the spotlight on luminous acoustic passages and sweeping melodies yet you can expect a fair dosage of borderline chaotic heavier rhythmic patterns.
Following an elaborate musical pathway “Slow Steams of Darkness – Part II – Solar Mist” can sound absolutely ferocious focusing on abrasive guitar driven grooves and desperate screams yet the inner melodic essence is destined to emerge through the enchanting guitar work that instantly conveys immense melancholia.
The omnipresent cinematographic elements throughout “Sheol” elegantly adorn the complex songwriting style as Hypno5e shape a unique artistic identity combining harsh dynamics and evocative melodic motifs.

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