Downfall Of Gaia – Silhouettes Of Disgust

During their fifteen year career Downfall Of Gaia have been exploring diverse musical territories and the result of such evolution today generates the sixth studio album “Silhouettes Of Disgust” lyrically revolving around the struggling lives of people in a fictional metropolis.
Throughout “Existence Of Awe” the super fast drums inevitably lead to blistering rhythmic patterns while guitars have the chance to add slow burning melodic phrases to create profoundly contemplative passages.
On “While Bloodsprings Become Rivers” the ferocious rhythmic section bears the mark of classic black metal and the poetic melodic tapestries clearly channel a bleak post-metal inspiration emphasizing the emotive aspects.
“Eyes To Burning Skies” instantly hypnotizes the listeners with an alluring hazy atmospheric ensemble embellished by Lulu Black’s delicate vocal harmonies but an intense blackened force is destined to arise through the malevolent growls and the hostile guitar riffs.
On “Unredeemable” the understated atmospheric layers and the cold melodic guitar work convey a sorrowful mood that will inevitably evolve into enigmatic and often belligerent rhythmic blasts.
“Optograms Of Disgust” brings closure with refined atmospheric arrangements that naturally enhance the overwhelming melancholia expressed by the desolate guitar tonalities yet once again the band is ready to gain speed and deliver the expected violent dynamics.
Within the sonic realm of “Silhouettes Of Disgust” Downfall Of Gaia have the freedom to craft an intricate dreamy atmospheric ensemble but also successfully maintain their primal extreme metal influences.

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