The 69 Eyes – Death Of Darkness

Beloved Helsinki Vampires The 69 Eyes proudly keep the gothic rock scene alive with the irresistible dark allure of the latest full length “Death Of Darkness”.
Embellished by decadent atmospheric arrangements the title track creates a memorable blend of nocturnal melodies and wild grooves that naturally lead to an irresistible chorus emphasizing Jyrki’s haunting vocal delivery.
The title explains it all as on “Gotta Rock” the band focuses on a super catchy chorus and sleek guitar phrases to celebrate the glorious days of rock ‘n roll but always adding a touch of cold darkness.
“Dying In The Night” unfolds like a bittersweet dream and Jyrki’s captivating voice emerges from a shadowy realm flourishing within mellow goth pop soundscapes enriched by refined guitar leads.
“Something Real” reveals a sultry melodic essence as guitars and keyboards acquire deeply melancholic tonalities around Jyrki’s hypnotizing baritone vocals reaching the acme with a soothing harmonious chorus.
“Sundown” features a mid paced gothic rock grandeur as once again the delightful guitar melodies and the crunchy riffs naturally become entwined ultimately leading to a rather uplifting chorus.
“Outlaws” marks a perfect album closure as a shroud of darkness surrounds Jyrki’s seductive vocal performance enhanced by loads of shimmering keyboards and bewitching rhythmic dynamics, as a result we must dress in black permanently now.
As The 69 Eyes reach another crucial milestone still driven by genuine passion “Death Of Darkness” delivers a simply addictive collection of gothic rock anthems that make you wanna dance in a graveyard under the moonlight.

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