Witch Ripper -The Flight After The Fall

Witch Ripper aim to grab your utmost attention telling a pulp science fiction story through the sludgy cosmic grooves of the sophomore record “The Flight After The Fall”.
“Enter the Loop” opens a portal to another dimension as the surreal atmospheric intro leads the way to magnetic guitar riffs and consequent crushing rhythmic dynamics but you can easily perceive an epic melodic spirit.
In the beginning “The Obsidian Forge” unravels eerie tonalities and gradually the monolithic rhythmic section will acquire strength & speed to build hostile grooves fueled by the unrestrained gritty riffage and enriched by a fancy guitar solo.
Listening to “Icarus Equation” you can appreciate the intricate songwriting as the band carefully blends hypnotizing melodic motifs and inflamed rhythmic patterns relying on the heavier sludge tones of the charismatic guitar work.
The lengthy final track “Everlasting in Retrograde Pt. I & II” embodies an intense musical journey often focusing on the nostalgic tonalities of the fascinating guitar melodies to create a deeply contemplative mood enhanced by the spacey atmospheric arrangements yet the colossal drumming can generate plenty of majestic grooves.
Certainly “The Flight After The Fall” is an ambitious work of music as Witch Ripper entertain the audience with shape shifting dynamics and massive sludge metal elements without sacrificing a soulful melodic essence.

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