Deathstars – Everything Destroys You

It’s hard to believe that we had to wait over eight years but finally Swedish deathglam masters Deathstars make a glorious comeback unleashing pure energy and undiluted darkness throughout the new full-length “Everything Destroys You”.
“This Is” revolves around bombastic rhythmic patterns featuring a winning combo of gritty guitar riffs, industrial style electro layers and rich atmospheric textures ultimately leading to a super catchy chorus.
“Anti All” is surrounded by a cold atmospheric ensemble that highlights recurring somber tones and contemplative harmonies but the rhythmic section gradually picks up speed & strength to build some abrasive grooves.
The title track tends to follow a slower tempo skillfully blending gloomy multilayered synths and memorable rhythmic dynamics around Whiplasher Bernadotte’s baritone vocal delivery which also amplifies a sinister mood.
“Between Volumes and Voids” packs a punch with an overdose of relentless crunchy guitar riffs and the chorus is absolutely addictive embellished by delicate female backing vocals and refined atmospheric tapestries.
“The Infrahuman Masterpiece” begins with deeply melancholic melodies and often puts the spotlight on the fascinating atmospheric waves nevertheless guitars are always ready to craft plenty of robust grooves.
On “Angel of Fortune and Crime” the industrial flair becomes evident through the wicked heavier guitar work amplified by nightmarish vocals and enriched by an appealing mix of dramatic atmospheric arrangements and futuristic electronic accents.
In the end you won’t be able to resist the stomping rhythmic galore and the seductive gothic vibes of “Everything Destroys You” and even if it took a while Deathstars proudly manifest a wild creative force.

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