Yatra – Blood Of The Night

Maryland based power trio Yatra is ready to release the sophomore album “Blood Of The Night” and you can expect an overdose of doom laden grooves and towering sludge elements. 

On “Sorcerer” you can immediately perceive a mystifying darkened aura flowing through the mournful guitar melodies and the monolithic rhythmic patterns which ultimately generate super heavy grooves accompanied by the primal vocal delivery. 

On “After The Ravens” the guitar work tends to focus on the creation of exquisite gloomy melodies as the band is clearly inspired by the darkest elements of doom metal in fact the obscure weight of the rhythmic section doesn’t need extra speed to sound absolutely heavy. 

“Blood Will Flow” offers loads of crushing dynamics consequently the groovy vibes become more dominant due to the intense rhythmic progressions while the lead guitar work and the vocals successfully channel sorrowful feelings. 

Once again “Three Moons” features charismatic guitar melodies evoking a profound melancholy through massive doom oriented rhythmic segments confidently built by sharp riffage that will ultimately evolve into a memorable fuzzy soloing. 

The forlorn atmosphere of “Surrender” is constantly fueled by a primitive doom force perfectly expressed by the heavy guitar riffs and the tormented vocals marching through extra groovy and faster rhythmic blasts. 

“Blood Of The Night” can sound insanely dark & heavy as Yatra makes serious efforts to develop a personal style that certainly bears the ominous mark of doom metal and will make a strong impression in the current scene.