Bask – III

In the mountains of North Carolina Bask have been working meticulously to craft the third full length aptly entitled “III”, an opus lyrically inspired by folklore and mythology destined to leave a mark with a striking progressive rock flair and hypnotizing soundscapes. 

“Three White Feet” is a great way to start the album with enchanting guitar melodies channeling nostalgic vibes matched by the heartfelt vocal delivery and showcasing impeccable musicianship while the solid rhythmic section will have the chance to deliver heavier sludgy segments. 

“New Dominion” goes straight to charismatic groovy moments featuring intense riffage and powerful drum blasts but such monumental rhythmic backbone is always enriched by proggy elements and glowing guitar melodies. 

“Stone Eyed” conveys a comforting sense of melancholia through intricate melodic waves as guitars shine for the exquisite dreamy tonalities yet there are also thrilling rhythmic crescendos that benefit from the addition of the irresistible psychedelic organ. 

The cinematic final track “Maiden Mother Crone” shifts to a glowing folk mood fully expressed by the gentle banjos melodies and the fragile nostalgic atmosphere accompanied by a particularly spellbinding vocal performance. 

Focusing on a detailed songwriting approach Bask have created something truly unique and passionate on “III” as each song tells a fascinating story through multifaceted melodic textures and a distinct Southern rock feeling. 

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