Cabal – Drag Me Down

Back in 2018 Danish band Cabal impressed the underground metal scene with the shattering debut album “Mark of Rot” and now the time has come to spread even more darkness and brutality with the sophomore release “Drag Me Down”. 

Featuring Jamie Hails of Polaris the title track has an asphyxiating atmosphere that influences the ferocious march of the crunchy guitar riffs and the relentless screams simply amplify such tormented instrumental assault. 

“It Haunts Me” features Kim Song Sternkopf of Møl and the vocals sound absolutely angered matching the heavy belligerent rhythmic patterns while the cold doom laden atmospheres add subtle harmonies and at the same time enhance the song’s inner darkness. 

A solemn obscure atmosphere lingers throughout “Sjælebrand” and the weight of the abrasive guitar riffs following a slower tempo further emphasizes the doom inspiration while the spiteful screams still stay true to an aggressive formula. 

“The Hangman’s Song” can deliver a venomous sonic assault with faster punishing drum blasts and the guitar work effortlessly delivers a cohesive series of hostile riffs but also adds a fair dosage of mournful tonalities. 

“Bitter Friend” features the talent of Matt Heafy of Trivium and packs monumental groovy dynamics that require immediate headbanging as the guitar riffs fiercely cut through the dystopian atmospheric arrangements. 

“Demagogue” revolves around a ruthless rhythmic core with intense riffage that will leave you breathless and hopeless until everything slows down a bit to favor lugubrious quasi melodic guitar progressions and mysterious atmospheric textures. 

Overall Cabal successfully manages to maintain a super violent approach throughout “Drag Me Down” amplifying a frantic deathcore inspiration but the recurring haunting atmospheres show that there is a desire to step out of a predefined music category. 

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