Turmion Kätilöt – Global Warning

Finnish electro metal band Turmion Kätilöt has been around since many years but now they really have a chance to reach a wider audience with the new bombastic album “Global Warning”.

“Naitu” immediately showcases a wild blend of styles beginning with a mix of futuristic atmospheric layers and epic accents swiftly followed by an explosive rhythmic rampage full of gritty guitar riffs but also loads of positive energy due to the fun electro beats. 

The mood of “Kyntövuohi” definitely feels darker as the guitars engage in a faster hostile rhythm borrowing the dystopian themes of industrial metal emphasized by the imposing harsh vocals while the synths always add dancey vibes. 

The synths acquire some ‘80s influences throughout “Kuoleman juuret” generating a full blown party mood with uplifting rhythmic bursts yet there is a nostalgic flair leading to some slower sentimental moments. 

On “Syvissä vesissä” the role of the multilayered electro arrangements increases and the synths acquire a pulsating robotic sound while guitars tend to stand in the background maintaining a steady groove. 

“Sano kun riittää” feels calmer with lullaby sounds and soft choirs that introduce some elegant atmospheric textures before entering a more savage rhythmic rampage with heavier elements and crunchy guitar riffs. 

“Syntisten laulu” offers a stomping galore blending bold guitar riffs and moody electro layers yet the consequent fiery rhythm can evolve into smooth quasi melancholic moments amplified by the softer atmospheric tapestries. 

“Mosquito A la Carte (To Be Continued 5)” sounds quite different as the experimental approach mixes unexpected exotic dance styles with a belligerent industrial groove resulting in a quite playful track.  

Undoubtedly “Global Warning” would be best enjoyed in a party metal environment with very loud speakers as Turmion Kätilöt successfully created a collection of catchy tunes fueled by a massive industrial raw energy. 

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