Concrete – Free Us From Existence

In the New York hardcore scene Concrete are known for their unrestrained violent grooves and the new full length “Free Us From Existence” will inevitably drag the listeners through the depths of a merciless sonic realm. 

“Executing Vengeance” is an uncompromising album opener as the vicious rhythmic blasts simply seem unstoppable following a breakneck speed with relentless guitar riffs accompanied by utterly angered vocals while towards the end guitars will add some subtle melodic accents . 

“Starving Serpent” has a straightforward approach that maintains a monolithic heavy core as the harsh guitar riffs and the ravenous screams diligently lead the way through a groovy abrasive rhythmic maze.  

Listening to “Psychological Crucifixion” you will quickly realize that all hope is lost as the towering asphyxiating rhythmic patterns are constantly fueled by the extra heavy riffage yet the guitar leads can surprise you with extremely somber melodic passages. 

The atmospheric dystopian mood of “Apthotic Mirror” reminds you of the self destructive behavior of humanity and it’s not surprising to see that the monumental rhythmic section expresses an undiluted dark force as the chaotic guitar driven grooves feel quite dominant while the soloing showcases a mournful melodic essence. 

Certainly Concrete are devoted to their heavy hardcore roots yet throughout “Free Us From Existence” they aim to channel the darkest elements of diverse metal subgenres ensuring an intense sonic experience. 

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