Uada – Djinn

Hailing from the Pacific Northwest, Uada might still be a new name for some people but, as they continue to garner great interest within the underground metal scene, the ambitious third full length “Djinn” has the potential to conquer more acolytes. 

The title track perfectly shows how Uada have developed an intriguing style focusing on magical melodic crescendos that certainly emphasize the role of the charismatic guitar leads while the heavier rhythmic segments and the hellish growls channel savage blackened vibes.

The somber mood of “The Great Mirage” comes to life through the poetic guitar melodies which are destined to spellbind the listeners yet the relentless riffage and the frenetic drumming once again highlight the arcane influence of classic black metal. 

“No Place Here” immediately unleashes a palpable blackened fury through faster asphyxiating rhythmic patterns but a dreamy melodic soul will often prevail as the cathartic aspects and the luminous tonalities of the shimmering lead guitar work can even convey a pale sense of hopefulness. 

“Between Two Worlds” brings closure with a dramatic momentum fueled by pure darkness that can generate mysterious atmospheric waves and harsh rhythmic dynamics while the profound melancholy feels overwhelming within the melodic grandeur skillfully crafted by the dazzling shredding and the exquisite harmonies of the extensive guitar solo.  

Undoubtedly you can constantly perceive the darkened soul of Uada throughout “Djinn” which easily stands out for the alluring melodic essence yet never refrains from exploring a heavier primordial sonic pathway. 

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