The Progressive Souls Collective – Sonic Birth

Guitarist Florian Zepf has created the remarkable project The Progressive Souls Collective featuring amazing musicians such as Derek Sherinian of Sons of Apollo and the result of these collaborations is the ambitious debut album “Sonic Birth”.

The electronic layers on “Metature” create a surreal atmosphere and captivating darkened nuances that eventually give way to a series of glowing prog dynamics that emphasize the dominant role of the flawless guitar melodies. 

There is an intriguing experimental approach throughout “Killing True Beliefs” that still relies on the refined prog guitar work and the charismatic rhythmic twists that will lead to a grand finale which shifts the focus on the ancestral energy of tribal percussion. 

“A Formula For Happiness” delivers the perfect dosage of soulful guitar melodies and flamboyant leads flourishing through luminous atmospheric waves and the vocals can naturally express poignant emotions. 

“Hurt” is characterized by a significantly heavier approach as the guitar work focuses on groovy riffs to build a monumental rhythmic tension and the resulting inflamed prog dynamics enhance the technical aspects of the instrumental patterns. 

The lengthy opus “Destiny Inc” perfectly manifests the distinct sonic vision behind the whole album and highlights once again the brilliant musicianship amplifying the prog metal direction through the elaborate blend of stylish atmospheric tapestries, darkened melodic crescendos and faster precise rhythmic segments enriched by the stellar guitar soloing.  

The bright atmosphere of ”With Others” favors the melodic guitar phrases and the soulful vocal delivery but there is still space for some proggy rhythmic grooves offering intense riffage and wild leads surrounded by opulent atmospheric arrangements. 

Undoubtedly the first thing you will notice listening to “Sonic Birth” is the exceptional talent of the prominent artists behind The Progressive Souls Collective in fact this eclectic collection of songs constantly showcases diverse influences and styles.  

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