Autumnblaze – Welkin Shores Burning

Dark rock duo Autumnblaze celebrates a wonderful comeback with the new release “Welkin Shores Burning” which effortlessly conveys a deeply melancholic realm that can touch your soul. 

Surrounded by a bleak atmosphere “Planets” puts the spotlight on the charismatic vocal performance and the resulting somber feelings are definitely enhanced by the mellow arpeggios and the graceful melodic crescendos. 

Like a beautiful daydream “Explosions” can make you space out with the enticing minimalist beauty of the guitar phrases, the shimmering atmospheric waves and the soothing vocal delivery that continues to express poignant emotions. 

On “One Breath” the smooth arpeggios and the gentle rhythmic progressions acquire exquisite darker tonalities which naturally lead to an overwhelming melancholia emphasized by the warm vocals. 

The glowing atmospheric tapestries of “The Burning Sea” become prominent in the creation of a fading dream filled with an impossible sense of nostalgia and a subtle shoegaze essence matched by the soft vocals and the comforting guitar melodies.  

“Autumn Wings Behold” clearly doesn’t need special effects to craft memorable rhythmic patterns as the dazzling mix of arpeggios and electric guitars adds some catchy vibes to the contemplative mood. 

“Flamedoves” continues to amplify the minimalist yet intense songwriting approach and you can appreciate the alluring blend of bright harmonies, glistening atmospheric textures and nostalgia infused motifs unraveling around the passionate vocal performance.

On “Welkin Shores Burning” Autumnblaze embark on an introspective journey that allows the rich melodies to flow like a darkened neverending dream and constantly highlights the emotional nature of the detailed songwriting. 

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