Necronautical – Slain In The Spirit

British black metallers Necronautical continue to fearlessly explore the darkest depths through the symphonic grandeur and the malevolent essence of the fourth full length “Slain In The Spirit”.
“Ritual & Recursion” opens the album with triumphant orchestrations and solemn operatic choirs embellishing the ominous blackened core diligently built by ruthless guitar riffs and vicious drum blasts further enhanced by the venomous growls.
The title track celebrates darkness with blistering rhythmic patterns that seems unstoppable until the elegant guitar solo takes the center stage ultimately leading to melancholic atmospheric waves and gothic splendor.
The arcane atmosphere of “Pure Consciousness Event” introduces a feverish rhythmic ensemble building steady memorable grooves fueled by the anguished guitar work and the desperate growls yet a mournful melodic soul will generate slower melodic passages.
“Contorting In Perpetuity” celebrates the fiery black metal roots through the vicious speed of the drums and the aggressive riffage while the mesmerizing melodic guitar solo and the decadent atmospheric nuances demand a significantly slower tempo.
“Death Magick Triumphant” often favors the opulent orchestrations and the refined melodic phrases that can evoke spellbinding gothic vibes emphasized by the dramatic clean vocals but the harsh rhythmic dynamics still bear a massive black metal influence.
Drenched in undiluted darkness “Slain In The Spirit” embodies a majestic artistic vision as Necronautical confidently channel a renowned blackened fury yet clearly aim to embrace an ambitious musical vision by adding sophisticated melodies and epic orchestrations.

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