Jinjer – Wallflowers

Undoubtedly Jinjer worked relentlessly to become one of modern metal’s hottest bands and the highly anticipated fourth studio album “Wallflowers” aims to solidify their status following a remarkable sonic evolution.
“Call Me A Symbol” marks an impactful beginning unleashing an overdose of ruthless guitar riffs perfectly supported by the speed and the technical accents of the monumental rhythmic section yet the melodic tinged hooks will follow a slower somber tempo to highlight the expression of raw emotions.
“Colossus” immediately showcases the band’s mature musicianship with a solid series of intricate prog metal dynamics fueled by the gritty tonalities and enriched by the combo of harmonious clean vocals and violent growls.
On “Vortex” the tempo slows down dramatically to focus on smooth melodic passages and sultry clean vocals so everything sounds more accessible until the blistering guitar riffs confidently build a heavier rhythmic assault.
On “Pearls And Swine” guitars often acquire striking darkened nuances to craft soulful melodic phrases while the colossal rhythmic patterns continue to rely on a balanced mix of proggy twists and vicious blasts.
“Wallflower” emphasizes an emotional composition focusing on a softer vocal delivery and refined gloomy melodies that belong to a distant dark sonic realm and can sound quite dreamy in contrast with the occasional heavy rhythmic segments.
“Mediator” brings a grand finale conveying contrasting emotions and even pure melancholy but a ferocious side will inevitably take over as the insane speed and the brutal guitar driven grooves generate an intense rhythmic rampage.
Throughout “Wallflowers” Jinjer skillfully blends aggressive dynamics and a delightful melancholia to shape a convoluted sonic vision that by now is clearly destined to leave a mark within the modern metal scene.

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