Deathstars – The Perfect Cult

Once upon a time, Deathstars was a big deal, a band with a mesmerizing creative force that filled each and every song. Then, that explosive bright light started to dim for no apparent reason.
Deathstars gives it another shot after the sadly disappointing “Night Electric Night” in 2009. So, after some years spent focusing exclusively on writing process and music exploration, the band released “The Perfect Cult”. Hence, this is an album that truly comes loaded with anxious expectations.
Listening to “The Perfect Cult”, among some obvious mixed feelings there is this sort of weakness lingering between riffs and melodies. It’s not really a matter of being innovative at all costs in a music scene where the majority of releases focus on a recycle process, it’s more about the art of delivering a sentiment of passion through music.
“Explode” doesn’t live up to its title. Among flat guitar riffs, there is a catchy rhythm hiding in there but it just fails to create a mood. Whiplasher’s vocals truly attempt to bring a solid strike of energy to cheer the atmosphere.
“All The Devil’s Toys” is the one song that should force you to pump the volume and dance until you fall dizzy on the floor. Nice concept, groovy guitars, but it ends up losing its strength and charm long before the song is over.
“Ghost Reviver” holds the haunting shadow of “Termination Bliss” deep inside, therefore it could be classified as the happy encouraging moment of the album.
The title track has a very catchy chorus and the sinister toned vocals are quite entertaining, yet again it cannot be considered a memorable song.
“Bodies” gets a straight synthetic rock attitude that certainly feels refreshing with loads of darkly atmospheric keyboards that deliver a tragic sense of decadence. In general, the slower goth oriented rhythm seems to flow steady and spontaneously.
“Noise Cuts” is another valuable track if only because it successfully delivers the intoxicating hopelessness of the dark side that we got used to embrace in Deathstars’ previous albums. The synths tapestry, elegantly composed and executed, feels like the perfect complement for Whiplasher’s melancholic and mischievous delivery.
In the end, I really wanted to fall desperately in love with “The Perfect Cult” but it seems impossible at the moment, so maybe I’ll just wait for the next release and try again.

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