The Birthday Massacre – Superstition

By now everybody knows that The Birthday Massacre has successfully developed a uniquely sinister and cute visual/musical image. There is an awful lot to love about this band, just think about the cartoon like violet themed album covers and the mischievously bloody school uniforms. And, of course, there is the music. It all started with creepy videogame synthetic/alternative rock that inevitably instigated curiosity in the scene. In the last few years, The Birthday Massacre has proven to be musically all grown up and independent with its own unmistakable music style elegantly executed in every album. The latest release entitled “Superstition” does not fall far from the original musical direction and visual theme.
The first track “Divide” will make you feel comfortable right away. We’re still in the videogame world full of ominous shadows crawling in the dark, but everything feels happy and safe. The omnipresent keyboards layers create a sincere landscape for soft vocals and simple guitar riffs. The dark takes over only for a matter of seconds carrying a raspy voice and an eerie guitar mini solo.
“Diaries” feels sweet like a first date and flows graciously just like a dream. On the vocals Chibi sounds like a perfect dreamy storyteller. Guitars and keyboards never fail to softly entwine without ever overpowering any melody.
The title track holds a mysterious power with slower rhythm and guitar melodies. The major attraction here is embodied by the recurring dark synths theme.
“Rain” is the most romantic and soothing song on this album. The whole musical frame is extremely pleasant and the keyboards concoct a delicate melody full of good vibes.
“Destroyer” fully deserves the listeners’ attention if only because Chibi channels her infamous wicked growls. The rest of the song has a more guitar driven groovy core compared to the other tunes.
If that’s not enough, “The Other Side” is another track where guitars and keyboards work together harmoniously to create that exquisite sinister spine-chilling atmosphere. At the same time, all the elements are held together by an intensely catchy chorus.
“Superstition” might not always hold the creative escapades of some of its well known predecessors, nevertheless it is lovely collection of sweet & creepy songs that make you want to dance and sing along under the moonlight.

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