Monster Magnet – Cobras And Fire (The Mastermind Redux)

Monster Magnet’s new work of re-imagination entitled “Cobras And Fire (The Mastermind Redux)”could easily turn a listening party into an extra sensorial experience. Besides the healthy burst of creativity behind this alternative version of the band’s previous release “Mastermind”, there is an overdose of intense psychedelic fuzz that makes everything highly enjoyable just like a good epic trip should be.

“Watch Me Fade” features a stellar retro attitude exquisitely portrayed with the help of an old school organ while the catchy psych guitar riffs add a certain paranoia driven joyride feeling.

“Mastermind” shines for Mr. Wyndorf’s witty and soulful performance strategically centered in the middle of fuzzy loveable guitar riffs and that adventurous stoner groove that feels so damn good even while it’s fading away.

If you dare to follow Mr. Wyndorf’s psych rant on “Hallucination Bomb”, you might get entangled in a slow burning daydream, or full blown hallucination, where a smooth trippy guitar driven rhythm favors spiritual relaxation.

The cover version of The Temptations 1969 classic “Ball Of Confusion” holds the dirtiest garage band rock vibe skillfully mixed with a generous dose of psychedelic enchantment which makes everything super groovy and everybody gets ready to jump or dance uncontrollably.
The highly enjoyable guitar work leading the way on “Time Machine” brings the listener into a psychedelic tunnel where fairies might become real and men might learn to fly or what not. This instrumental mind trip tastes sweet and sour, a bit like The Doors, with everybody dancing in the desert surrounded by cacti and magical fluffy clouds.

You will not need to resurrect the original “Mastermind” to refresh your memory or over analyzes and rationalize the differences between the two albums because the re-imagined songs on “Cobras And Fire” own a brand new spiritual essence that will leave you dizzy and bewildered.

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