My Dying Bride – Feel The Misery

My dying Bride has rightfully earned the title of legendary pioneers of gothic/doom metal and has never ceased to amaze the evergrowing faithful fanbase creating majestic soulful works of art. My Dying Bride’s newest release “Feel The Misery” is not just a must-have collection of obscure alluring songs but also an invitation to embark on a perilous journey through the an emotional twisted labyrinth of beauty and pain.

“And My Father Left Forever” is a cathartic complex opus with intense emotional depth. The elegant embroidery of doom melancholic guitar riffs which always pack a groovy beat and classically inspired decadent violin harmonies will inevitably drag the listeners into a spiritual turmoil. Aaron Stainthorpe takes the role of a tormented poet/storyteller and his clean vocals acquire a bleak funereal force that fully embraces the darkly oppressive musical theme.

“To Shiver In Empty Halls” channels My Dying Bride’s darkest primordial heart with heavily glacial haunting growls and impeccable anguished guitar riffs. Aaron’s clean vocals portray a magical wretched soundscape on a morbidly slower tapestry of sheer doom phrases that give way to a nightmarish lullaby.

The title track is another exquisite example of the band’s extraordinary songwriting skills. While Aaron’s vocals hold a mournful bitter strength the unbearable burden of misery becomes more palpable with the intensely tight rhythm section embellished by delicately soothing violin and keyboards.

“I Celebrate Your Skin” flows slow and heavy with gothic romance undertones and a mystical atmosphere that recalls the infamous masterpiece “The Crown Of Sympathy”. The heartbreaking soulful violin melodies and the asphyxiating despair of the escalating guitar riffs create an alluring contrast that culminates in Aaron’s poetic delivery.

“Within A Sleeping Forest” has a gloomy symphonic visionary depth effortlessly adorned by dreamlike shiny violin melodies that leave traces of a dim comforting light throughout the song. The constant perception of hopeless loss and eternal failure reaches a desperate acme with breathless riff patterns and eerie keyboards.

With “Feel The Misery” My Dying Bride delivers once again an eclectic work of music where creative passionate songwriting and dark sublime poetry become indissolubly entwined in a perennial danse macabre.

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