Visions Of Atlantis – Ethera

Considering that Visions Of Atlantis has been around since many years, I would expect a mature album at this point. The latest release “Ethera” unfortunately doesn’t bring a much necessary innovative songwriting. Every song is quite harmonious and listenable but this music recipe has been used and abused before by numerous other bands.

“The Ark’ is an easy simplistic song. There are all the smooth rock/metal riffs and the more alternative keyboards arrangements that you can expect by such a band.

On “Machinage” the vocals feel a bit forced and awkward in the attempt of providing a blast of energy to resurrect the dull rhythm.

“Vicious Circle” is a semi ballad with a monotone structure on which Maxi Nil’s vocals represent the only convincing moment. The other soft ballad “Cave Behind The Waterfall” has a more spontaneous feeling with an array of pleasant arpeggios but the songwriting is still very predictable. Even if Maxi Nil delivers a strong passionate performance, the song simply fails to be memorable.

“Tlaluc’s Grace” has a bit of power metal vibe in the guitar work that adds a dynamic energy. Yet, the vocal duet in the chorus lacks catchiness and harmony.  The same issue occurs on “Clerics Emotion” where the vocals create a deep contrast that just doesn’t fit the symphonic core.

On “Burden Of Divinity” the happy smooth and mellow guitar sound seems too dominant and ends up clashing with the safe mid pace tempo.

On “AEON 19th” Visions Of Atlantis manages to create a lovely dreamy atmosphere with sweet piano melodies, a touch of violin and thoughtful vocals. The songwriting remains a bit unoriginal as it resembles the style and structure of almost every female fronted band out there. Certainly, “Ethera” has a consistent music style but nothing really stands out and there is an evident lack of creativity throughout the album.


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