Stam1na- Elokuutio

Stam1na is one of the most successful band in Finland, in 20 years of carrer they have achieved almost everything a rock band can achieve in this country. Each of their seven albums have sold gold and the band has played hundreds of mostly sold out shows all over the country.
Their last album named “Elokuutio” has been released on March 18th via Sakara Records, the frontman Antti “Hyrde” Hyyrynen describes the album’s theme as the “digital hell of the unreligious”, It was produced by Janne Joutsenniemi and mixed by Jens Bogren (Opeth, Katatonia, Soilwork, , Moonspell, Kreator, Devin Townsend, Dark Tranquillity, Paradise Lost, Amon Amarth, Symphony X and Sepultura).
Elokuutio stands for eloquence but can also be translated as living cube.
The track that opens the album is “Ikoneklasmia”, which means ‘iconoclasm’, its sound is pretty progressive and the whole song is particular.
A perfect mix between the first and present Stam1na’s style is the song from which the album is named “Elokuutio”, very good studied and elaborate.
“Pienet vihreät miehet” is a typical Stam1na’s song, the sound is an explosion of pure energy, the guitar solo is wonderful.
The first single released is “Kuudet raamit”,which means ‘Six Frames’,from which it was produced a 360 music video directed by Tuomas Petsalo. A speed track with rhythmic changes used impeccably, the refain is pretty chatcy but still badass.
The last song of the album is “Valhe” which begins with an instrumental “triumphant” intro ,the voice is more clean and soft, the instruments are used more virtuously and the keyboards are superbe.
Stam1na did a great work with this album, the band is going on its way in the change experimenting sonority and techniques and album by album their music becomes more solid.
“Elokuutio” is an excellent product, if you still don’t know Stam1na, it’s the time to check out their music starting from this album.

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