Live Kristine – Libertine

The iconic Liv Kristine is back with a brand new solo album entitled “Libertine”. As all her previous solo material, “Libertine” is characterized by a music style that lingers in between pop and rock rather than gothic metal. Liv Kristine’s outstanding vocals are certainly the center of attention but, this time, the songwriting is all about melodic purity and spontaneity and seems more consistent and attractive.

“Vanilla Skin Delight” is an obvious hit with a groovy unforgettable chorus. The music tapestry leans towards the realm of indie/alternative rock with refreshing easy melodies filled with positive emotions. Also, this track features an excellent duet with Platinum-Gold-awarded artist Tobias Regner.

“Paris Paris” is the other bright star in the album. The electrically groovy mood and the sweet French words scattered throughout the lyrics makes this track irresistible. Liv Kristine’s voice is as romantic as possible and, as always, flawless. Also, the mood and the interpretation here are witty naughty and Live Kristine’s vocals remind me of her unforgettable performance with Theatre Of Tragedy during the “Musique”/ “Assembly” era.

In general, there is a lot of romanticism perfectly enhanced by the soft side of Liv’s voice in “Libertine”. “Wait For Rain” and “Silence” are stunning dreamy ballad style tracks that tend to explore the human heart and all the aching melancholic feelings within.

“Love Crime” is a particularly emotional song with classical piano and string quartet in Tori Amos style. Following this winning style, Liv Kristine showcases a wide range of technical skills and delivers a brilliant performance in dramatic fashion on “The Man With The Child In His Eyes”.

The title track has dynamic rock guitar riffs and a catchy guitar solo but everything keeps on flowing effortlessly and maintains the main romantic theme.

In the end, it is impossible not to enjoy listening to “Libertine” as it is a flawless collection of songs featuring one of the best female vocalists out there.

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