The 69 Eyes – X

With the new album “X”, The 69 Eyes goes back to its goth ‘n’ roll true nature. Even if for a while the Finnish band has been lured by the shiny glam of the L.A. style, the gothic attitude on “X” appears to be as genuine as possible. So, let’s forget the glamorous party vibe of “Devils” and “Angels” and take the chance to follow The 69 Eyes in its infamous darker comfort zone.

“Love Runs Away” is a symbol of that romantic porn and catchy gothic rock that made The 69 Eyes extremely popular at the beginning of its career. The songwriting here is quite simple with cool guitar melodies and a super catchy chorus that feels like a dance in a cemetery.

“Tonight” has a more somber atmosphere with light guitar riffs but the chorus brings that dirty rock attitude typical of the band’s early music style.

“Black” has a slower paced rhythm with more evident gothic influences and a dark romantic attitude perfectly portrayed by Jyrki’s grave and sexy vocals.

The same attitude is extremely amplified on “If You Love Me The Morning After” with sweet semi acoustic melodies and passionate vocals. Yet, the true dark love ballad on this album is the lovely super slow “When A Love Comes To An End” where the musical core is filled with very soft melancholic melodies and traditional rock guitar riffs.

“Red” is the first single released from this album and certainly an easy song to remember. The guitars build an ensemble of effortless, yet passionate, melodies, the chorus is darkly addictive and Jyrki’s performance incarnates every aspect of the band’s musical manifesto.

“I Love The Darkness In You” is another highlight of “X”. Jyrki’s voice is as low and mysterious as it can be, but it also showcases an undeniable cold rocker attitude. The psychedelic keyboards reminding of The Doors style are a delightful addition to the extremely enjoyable guitar riffs.

You might find “X” kitsch or redundant at times, yet each and every song carries The 69 Eyes’s irresistible signature style and will inevitably get stuck in your head.


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