Blues Pills – Lady In Gold

Retro rock sensation Blues Pills returns with the second full length “Lady In Gold” promising an exciting ensemble of catchy songs that will attract a wider audience.

The title track and the album as a whole seem to focus noticeably on Elin Larsson’s vibrant vocals. While the vocals take inevitably the center stage with a particularly catchy chorus the music arrangement features perfectly retro fashioned guitar riffs and keyboards that effortlessly maintain a constant groove.

“Burned Out” has a bluesy groove that holds subtle dark accents in the organ melodic layers and languid guitar phrases. Once again the memorable catchy chorus featuring Larsson’s powerful voice and delightful soul style choirs is meant to steal the scene.

“I Felt A Change” has a borderline ballad style dramatic mood where Larsson successfully delivers a soulful vocal performance accompanied by a lovely old fashioned organ.

“Rejection” stands out for the mix of melancholic delivery and a dynamic catchy rhythm that holds a nostalgic inner force. The old fashioned bluesy oriented fuzzy lead guitar will drag you in a stoner rock whirlwind while the catchy chorus will force you to spin around or at least to dance under the moonlight.

“Elements And Things” is the most psychedelic stoner rock oriented track on this album. The guitar riffs have a bold rock vibe that easily builds a lively groove further amplified by strong vocals but the true highlight is the understated full blown psychedelic lead guitar work that evokes a restless spiritual endeavor in the middle of the desert.

Overall, Blues Pills might have packed a larger dose of psychedelic energy on “Lady In Gold” nevertheless the trendy retro vibe is very much alive in each song resulting in a rather enjoyable music experience.

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