Wolf Hoffmann – Headbangers Symphony

Notorious Accept’s guitarist Wolf Hoffmann has always been influenced and inspired by classical music that motivated him to release a second solo record entitled “Headbangers Symphony” consisting of a collection of classical compositions interpreted in guitar driven symphonic rock fashion.

Beethoven’s “Scherzo” delivers a bold mix of luminous orchestration and wild guitar shredding with a definitely memorable majestic arrangement.

The adaptation of Mussorgsky’s “Night On Bald Mountain” has a heavier metal approach with a gothic tinged atmosphere portrayed by darker grandiose orchestration and faster rhythm filled of intricate guitar harmonies.

Vivaldi’s “Double Cello Concerto in G Minor” has an epic up-tempo orchestration and shines for a virtuoso style full blown shredding guitar solo.

Mozart’s “Symphony No. 40” shines for the major symphonic attitude full of certain dynamic orchestrations that definitely inspired several modern metal bands and the shimmering powerful guitar leads generate an immediate crave for headbanging.

Hoffmann’s interpretation of Tchaikovsky‘s celebrated ballet “Swan Lake” maintains the melancholic beautiful elegance of the original piece and adds an overload of charismatic guitar work.

Puccini’s “Madame Butterfly” offers a dramatic vibe with slower passionately sorrowful guitar melodies gently accompanied by a regal subtle orchestration.

Wolf Hoffmann‘s “Headbangers Symphony” features a brilliant selection of immortal classical pieces that will sound rather familiar to many and is an exquisite album filled of genuine passion and musical prowess suitable for a wide range of listeners.

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