Nosound – Scintilla

With Nosound’s fifth album entitled “Scintilla” frontman and composer Giancarlo Erra creates a delicate collection of songs filled of genuine emotions and wistful atmospheres with dominant post rock/shoegaze influences.

“In Celebration Of Life” features Vincent Cavanagh of Anathema as guest vocalist and has the softest dreamy atmosphere that triggers an immediate sense of peace brightened by a polished melodic guitar solo.

“Sogno E Incendio” features renowned Italian singer Andrea Chimenti as co-writer and vocalist. A charming melancholy, fully embodied by languid guitar melodies and cinematic arrangements, lingers throughout the song.

“Emily” delivers subtle acoustic melodies adorned by the lovely charismatic presence of an ethereal cello and bittersweet vocals.

Vincent Cavanagh returns to offer his unique voice on “The Perfect Wife” providing a rather powerfully evocative performance. Again the cello appears to deliver an incommensurable sense of exquisite nostalgia.

“Love Is Forever” shines for its inner melancholy perfectly embodied by elegantly simple piano melodies and sorrowful smooth vocals floating in a blurred atmosphere.

The title track has a simple soothing musical theme featuring a whimsical atmosphere that recalls the shoegaze trend with a cathartic acoustic soundscape, elegant classical piano and the addition of uplifting trumpets.

Stripped of sensational bombastic effects “Scintilla” is a wonderful introspective musical journey that focuses on a minimalist intimate composition and requires a serene reflective listening.

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