Shokran – Exodus

Oriental/groove metal band Shokran has released a second full length entitled “Exodus” which showcases a variety of musical influences, such as trendy deathcore elements, as wells as prog style technical musicianship.
“Creatures From The Mud” has an atmospheric vibe that naturally grows into a crescendo of prog oriented guitar riffs. Clean vocals and catchy choruses add additional melodic energy to a series of exotic phrases.
“The Swarm” builds a heavier rhythmic core that still gives way to prog tempo changes and compelling melodic guitar work.
“Disfigured Hand” shines for its mystical atmosphere enhanced by polished clean vocals and quite impressive full blown shredding guitar solos with neoclassical influences in proper virtuoso fashion.
“And Heavens Began To Fall” is a slower track borderline ballad with an obvious emotional charge and mellow female vocals but there is still space for loads of dynamic groovy guitar riffing.
“The Storm And The Ruler” is another well executed prog guitar driven track featuring a strong groovy theme finely amplified by energetic screams and bright clean vocals.
Overall, “Exodus” is a solid effort with shimmering intense ideas scattered throughout and its catchy exotic style harmonies could definitely attract a wide audience.

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