Darkthrone – Arctic Thunder

Legendary Norwegian duo Darkthrone is back with a new full length entitled “Arctic Thunder”. A delightful taste for the most primitive blackened heavy metal that you can wish for is omnipresent in every song and the whole album never fails to deliver the infamous Darkthrone’s raw signature music style.

“Tundra Leech” is a winner and a keeper with its inner darkened audacity embodied by Nocturno Culto sincere raspy vocals. Everything is doomed and all hope is lost as the breathless guitar riffs build a solid solemn groove that becomes addictive at the very first listening and might make you dizzy eventually.

“Boreal Fiends” shines for its mysterious doomish aura with super catchy guitar riffs that grow into an impenetrable obscurity where a melodic languid guitar solo provides a distorted cold light.

The title track features another generous dose of groovy guitar riffs layered on simple solid drumming in introvert old school fashion with an undeniable stomping attitude that gives way to a quite short icy cold guitar solo.

With a rather simplistic music structure “Throw Me Through The Marshes” delivers a creepy vibe with a darkened sound embedded in the tight guitar riffing and a faster rhythm in traditional black metal fashion.

“Deep Lake Trespass” revolves around a persistent series of blackened guitar riffs that, once again, successfully create the right gloomy groove that requires an immediate round of headbanging.

On a dark winter day, trapped in a world on the verge of apocalypse, leave your fears and doubts behind and let Fenriz and Nocturno Culto guide you to the safe primordial realm of “Arctic Thunder”.

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